Are All Virtual Charter Schools Created Equal?—Part 1

ID-10075665I have heard many questions about about the differences and similarities of virtual charter schools.

I realized that I really knew nothing about any school except for the one we chose for our educational needs.  Fortunately, I know someone who has chosen a different school for her family.  When I spoke to her and explained that I wanted to write an article detailing our two schools, she was happy to help.  I interviewed her via e-mail and her answers to my questions were very enlightening.  I learned a lot and I want to share what I learned with you.

This will be the first in a series about the similarities and differences between Connections Academy and K12.  Today’s focus will be the curriculum offered by both.

  • Connections Academy utilizes many of the same curriculum providers that traditional, brick-and-mortar schools employ. These include McGraw-Hill, Prentice Hall, Houghton Mifflin, and The Calvert School.  Click here for a complete list of curriculum providers utilized by Connections Academy.
  •  K12 utilizes a curriculum which they developed.  The company was founded in 1999 as a curriculum choice for public and private schools, school districts, and families.  Click here for more information about the K12 curriculum.


  • Connections Academy instructors are very flexible in their requirements for the curriculum.  In my experience, the instructors are very willing to work with the learning coach to focus on areas of weakness instead of strengths.  The teachers understand that the parent knows their child best.  There are certain assignments which are required to be completed per state standards, but if the teacher can see that the student is learning the material presented then they do not have a problem adjusting the assignment.  The main goal is for the student to learn, not to complete “busy work”.
  • K12 is “mastery based and parent or “learning coach” led.  Basically, students work on a subject until the area of learning is mastered.  If something is very difficult, one could skip the area and come back later.  Since a certain percentage has to be done for mastery (90%), one could skip lessons” if they wanted to.


  • In this area, the schools are the same.  I want to quote my friend here, because she says everything I want to:

As we went through science and history lessons, I taught my daughter the Christian perspective on the lessons.  Mostly, I did not find the curriculum too conflicting and many times supporting of our faith.  Having a knowledge of Christian based teaching and Church history is very helpful (as you can) add this to your student’s education.  Also, practically teaching faith as one goes works too. Such as teach biblical truths while giving sentences for spelling, copy Bible verses for hand writing, and so on.

High School:  I have not seen many conflicts but it really depends on the student.  It is not a faith based school so parents should not expect that their faith is taught, however, I do not find it unfriendly to faith.

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God Bless 🙂


I am a Christian, Virtual/Homeschooling mom of 3 who loves helping my children realize those AWESOME "lightbulb" moments!

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One comment on “Are All Virtual Charter Schools Created Equal?—Part 1
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