Let’s Build Each Other Up!

I am very passionate about the education that my children receive.  I chose to abandon the traditional brick and mortar school because of that passion.  I have previously written about some of the reasons for my choice of a virtual public school in my post entitled “5 Reasons We Chose a Virtual School”  https://virtuallyspeakingworld.wordpress.com/2013/03/30/5-reasons-we-chose-a-virtual-school/

Something I have not written about is why I chose that road over a more traditional home school method.

At some point I may write about that, but not today.

Today I am sad 😦

I am sad because some people seem to enjoy tearing others down.

I am so thankful to the homeschooling community.  For decades, these parents have struggled against the mainstream.  They have paved the path for the newest form of home education — the virtual charter school.

What I am hurt by is the animosity of some parents.  I would think that if anyone could somehow understand the choice we have made it would be a homeschooling parent.  Unfortunately, it seems to be that some of those very people that I admire are the ones who feel the need to hurt through their words.  Each of us have different reasons for the choice we have made, but there is one reason that I believe is universal — a dedication to our children.

For me, the public school curriculum is only a starting point.  I supplement using many different methods and integrate my Christian faith into everyday lessons.  As a learning coach in a virtual world, many of these techniques are gleaned from the wonderful blogs and websites dedicated to homeschooling.

Rather than tear each other down, I wish we could support each other.

God Bless 🙂



I am a Christian, Virtual/Homeschooling mom of 3 who loves helping my children realize those AWESOME "lightbulb" moments!

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