The Tale of Supermom and the SugarWater

There are times I think that I am Supermom and then I try to show my monkeys how science is all around us.

It happened like this.

One day last week, “R” was learning about the difference between mixtures and solutions.  She is a visual learner and was having a difficult time remembering which was which simply by reading the textbook.

SUPERMOM—to the rescue!!!

I decided to mix sugar and water together.  Pretty simple so far.  Not too many people can screw up sugar and water.  Of course, Supermom insisted on taking it one step farther.

I decided to show her how to separate the sugar from the water through heat.

We poured the solution into a pan, placed it atop the stove, and waited.  As it simmered, “R” periodically checked our progress.  Soon a syrup formed.  I decided to allow it to simmer for just a tad longer but, alas, I let it go too long.  Within a short time, my home was filled with the stench of burnt sugar.

I snatched the pan, billowing with smoke, off the stove and dashed outside.

“R” suggested pouring the concoction out in the dirt to see what would happen.  She predicted that the burnt sugar would soak into the ground.  AHA!  Science lesson saved!

Needless to say, I did just as she requested.

Later that afternoon, I sent “R” and “J” outside to investigate our syrupy puddle.  To the amazement of my children, the puddle had hardened and attained a smooth, glass-like texture.  As they pried it off the ground, it broke into a few pieces.  As they examined their creation, “R” told me that she was going to wash the dirt off her piece.  I stopped her by asking what she thought would happen if she got the hardened syrup wet.  When she informed me that it would just wash the dirt off, I had to chuckle.  “J” was listening to our conversation and, with all of the 6 year old wisdom he could muster, informed his older sister that she was wrong.  The syrup rock, he said, would melt in the water.  Before an argument  ensued, I herded the children inside in search of a bowl of water.

Shortly thereafter, the younger of the two was proven right.

“R” graciously accepted defeat and congratulated “J” on his astute observations.

Supermom had saved the day once again!

God Bless 🙂


I am a Christian, Virtual/Homeschooling mom of 3 who loves helping my children realize those AWESOME "lightbulb" moments!

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