5 Ways I Am Perfectly Inadequate

I have been perusing numerous blogs these past few weeks and I have become increasingly discouraged.  It seemed that everywherebandaged-heart I turned I was reading about perfect moms.  They do craft projects, volunteer, never forget devotions, cook every meal from scratch, keep their houses ship-shape, and have beautiful classrooms that are perfectly organized all while teaching their kids every day.


I created this blog to connect with and support other virtual homeschoolers and that won’t happen unless I am perfectly honest about the failures as well as the triumphs.  I had an epiphany in the garden today.

I am a good mom and a good learning coach 🙂

  1. I do not have a classroom.  There are five us us living in a very small house and we do not have an extra room that could be used as a classroom.  We do have an outbuilding that we would love to use as our schoolhouse, but we do not have the money to fix it up.  Our computer is hooked up to our living room T.V.  and we use a footstool that turns into a table, a T.V. tray, and a kitchen chair for our “desk”.  When it is time to start our lessons I tell the kids to set up the desk.  We also have the laptop available for lessons and that is usually used at the kitchen table or on the couch 🙂  The kids actually like learning together, though.  It makes everything a little more interesting, don’t you think?
  2. I do not have everything organized.  I really try to keep things organized, but not having a dedicated classroom makes that difficult.  “M” has a desk in his room for all of his supplies and books.  “R” has a desk in her room—a room she shares with “J”—for all of her books.  She also has two plastic, stacking drawers to keep her supplies in.  “J” has all of his books on the desk in my room along with two plastic, stacking drawers for his supplies.  As for extra school supplies and items for craft/art projects, those are in storage totes under my bed.  As long as we can find what we need when we need it, it is organized enough—for now.
  3. I do not always cook from scratch.  Oh my goodness!!!  I am admitting that I have, on occasion, fed my children (gasp) cereal for dinner (hanging my head in shame)  I am a woman with a garden, chickens, three freezers, and two refrigerators yet—I will admit it—I am just too lazy to cook some days.  Between taking care of lessons, laundry, and animals I just get tired.  Heck, sometimes I even forget to make dinner.  That’s what cereal is for, right?
  4. My house is a mess.    My house is very lived in.  Now, it is not a pig-sty, but it certainly would not be featured in Better Homes & Gardens.  There are dishes on the counter and clothes on the floor.  The bathroom doesn’t sparkle and the sink doesn’t shine.  There is one special thing about my house, though—it is full of love.  When my kiddos grow up I hope they will remember the time I spent learning with them.
  5. Sometimes I forget to praise and be thankful.  The hardest thing to admit failure at is my devotion time.  I try—I really do, but I fail some days.  I have email reminders sent to me, but I forget to check my email.  I remember about the devotions, but something else gets in the way.  I promise myself I will do it later, but later never comes.  Somehow, when bedtime comes, I am apologizing, once again, for my lack of commitment.    I know that I am forgiven, but the guilt is still there.

Do these flaws make me less of a mother or learning coach?  NO!!!  They add a “realness” for my children.  When my monkeys grow up, they will know that the world is not perfect.  They will know that it is perfectly fine to be inadequate by worldly standards, because God knows they are more than adequate.


God Bless 🙂



I am a Christian, Virtual/Homeschooling mom of 3 who loves helping my children realize those AWESOME "lightbulb" moments!

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2 comments on “5 Ways I Am Perfectly Inadequate
  1. esimmeth says:

    Thank you so much for this post! You are so right, sometimes I think we try to portray “perfection” in blog-life just like in real-life. It is overwhelming knowing how much there is out there you could/should be doing — sometimes, you just have to say, I have done enough today. And that is enough! 🙂

    • delidiva6953 says:

      Thank you for your response 🙂 I just started this whole blogging thing a couple of weeks ago and have had a fairly good response until this post—kind of makes me feel like people just want to hear about the good stuff. I really needed your response—THANK YOU!!!!!

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